Since the City of Livingston is organized with the City Manager serving as chief executive for city government, the Administrative Department is the hub of our municipality's operational, decision-making, and policy implementation activities. Within the Administrative Department, are located several centralized support functions, to include:

It is the responsibility of the Administrative Department to coordinate and support all other departmental operations, provide professional counsel to the City Commission and Executive Leadership Team, and maintain positive communications between the organization and the citizens that it serves.

Currently, the City of Livingston is classified into five departments, with some departments having separate divisions under their jurisdiction:

The Department Heads, City Attorney, and Human Resource Associate are directly responsible to the City Manager, and form the nucleus of the Executive Leadership Team. 

In addition, the City Judge (an elected position, 4 year term) also operates within the Administrative Department; although not directly supervised by the City Manager.

In addition to the Executive Leadership Team, a variety of City Boards & Commissions also advise the City Commission with respect to public policy and on issues of local interest.


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Interesting Fact:

The City of Livingston FY 12-13 Annual Budget is for a total of $14,164,414 million.

City of Livingston
414 East Callender Street
Livingston, MT  59047

City Manager:
(406) 823-6000

City Attorney:
(406) 823-6007

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